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30 Day Challenge-Movement Madness

30 Days for 45 Dollars!
Liberty Movement’s 30 Day Challenge is back!!!
Take a movement class every day for 30 days
for a chance to WIN a monthly unlimited pass!
starts March 15th, last chance to purchase is April 15th,
30 days must be completed by May 15th 2019
30 Day Spring Challenge Rules:
All 30-Day Yoga & Pilates Challengers must complete 30 classes within 30 days.
If you stop attending classes you are out of the challenge,
You can attend any of our scheduled regular pilates, yoga, barre, and movement classes 1 class per day or double up on one day if you wish.
Complete the 30-Day Challenge and you are entered into a draw for 1st prize an Unlimited monthly pass, 2nd prize a 5 class pass, 3rd prize a Liberty Movement & wellness tee!!
Challenge starts anytime from March 15th-April 15th.
Please note 30 days must be completed by May 15th 2019
*$45 pass only for new students

Membership Terms
Expires After: 30 day(s)
Attendance: 30 classes
Begin Date: 18-Jun-2019
End Date: 18-Jul-2019
Enrollment End Date: 16-Apr-2018
Payment Terms
Price: $45.00

Due Now

First Installment  $45.00
Taxes  $5.85

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