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This training will give you the knowledge and skills required to support and help pregnant women make informed choices. Help you asses a pregnant student physiologically, and be able to use the proper props, modifications and hands on corrections for yoga. It will also give you a solid foundation of techniques used to help women and couples during labour. This course is for yoga teachers and trainees as well as acupuncturists, childbirth educators, chiropractors, doctors, doulas, craniosacral/massage/shiatsu therapists, midwives, nurses, therapists and of course pregnant women! It is also Yoga Alliance applicable
In this course we will explore:
Yoga for mothers/parents and newborns, mothers/parents and babies (once rolling begins), mothers/parents and toddlers/preschoolers
How to inspire and support women postpartum
Physiological, energetic and emotional considerations after birth
Pelvic floor support
Abdominal reconditioning
Working with c-section recovery
Assess specific post natal needs and address them safely with yoga and modifications
Gain the understanding of developmental stages of babies from infancy on
Discover how to encourage participants to stimulate the developmental stages of their infants through movement and touch
Post natal considerations and practice
Client and business management
Practice teaching and designing classes for participants with their babies
A certificate is given upon completion of this course.  20 hours are applicable towards Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.  Take this course and the Prenatal course weekend for 40 hours of comprehensive training or alternately as part of the WYS -Woman's Yoga Specialist Certification.

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Contract Length: 2 day(s)
Attendance: Unlimited classes
Begin Date: 22-Jun-2024
End Date: 24-Jun-2024
Enrollment End Date: 8-Jul-2024
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Price: $372.90
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