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SYTS -Techniques

Soma Yoga Specialist course is a Trauma-Informed Yoga with Compassionate Presence Teacher Training. This comprehensive program is designed to equip yoga teachers with the knowledge, skills, and tools to create safe and inclusive spaces for individuals who have experienced trauma, depression, PTSD and addictions. This training combines the principles of Soma Yoga, trauma-informed practices, and compassionate presence to offer a holistic and inclusive approach to teaching yoga.
Soma Yoga Techniques - Somatic Movements for Trauma, Stress, Anxiety and Depression
In this module, participants will delve deeper into the specific effects of trauma on the body's movement patterns and nervous system. They will learn somatic practices and movements designed to regulate the nervous system and support trauma healing. The module covers:
* The neurobiology of trauma and its influence on movement patterns.
* Somatic practices for grounding, centering, and regulating the nervous system.
* Trauma-sensitive adjustments and modifications for yoga postures.
* Polyvagal Theory and its relevance to trauma-informed yoga.
* Creating trauma-informed sequences that promote stability and empowerment.

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Expires After: 2 day(s)
Attendance: 2 classes
Begin Date: 27-Apr-2024
End Date: 29-Apr-2024
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Price: $372.90
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