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Soma Yoga Specialist ( SYTS) course is a Trauma-Informed Yoga with Compassionate Presence Teacher Training.
This comprehensive program is designed to equip yoga teachers with the knowledge, skills, and tools to create safe and inclusive spaces for individuals who have experienced trauma, depression, PTSD and addictions. This training combines the principles of Soma Yoga, trauma-informed practices, and compassionate presence to offer a holistic and inclusive approach to teaching yoga.
Module 5 is open to people of all levels and all backgrounds; you do not need any specific training prior to attending, although we strongly recommend having a current yoga practice. We believe this training will be most helpful for yoga teachers, social workers, therapists, health care professionals, educators, community service personnel, and activists looking for tools to support sustainable healing from trauma and chronic stress. It would be best to do the course in sequence if possible.
Module 5: Soma Yoga V Integrative Practices for Trauma Sensitive and Compassionate Presence
July 21/22, 2024
In the final module, participants will focus on integrating all the knowledge and skills gained throughout the training. They will engage in practical teaching exercises, case studies, and group discussions to refine their trauma-sensitive teaching and compassionate presence approach.
Module 5 covers:
* Practice teaching trauma-informed yoga classes.
* Case studiesand group discussions to deepen understanding and problem-solving.
* Creating trauma-informed lesson plans and programs for different populations and settings.
* Final project , Graduation and celebration of the completion of the Soma Yoga and Trauma-Informed Teacher Training.
Cost per Module $373 w/HST and includes course manual .
This course is certified the the Canadian and American Yoga Alliance for 100 hours upon completion of all 5 modules and final project.

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Begin Date: 24-Aug-2024
End Date: 26-Aug-2024
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