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Thera-Restore Fall Immune Boost

This restorative or therapeutic yoga-style workshop offers you the opportunity to bring balance to your nervous system and subtle body. We will work to balance the energy in the body by combining the practice of restorative yoga with various forms of therapeutic body work, massage, acupuncture, reflexology, and deep tissue release.
The theme for this workshop will be to prepare the body for Fall
Thera-Restorative Yoga is designed to re-establish a connection with the natural rhythms of your body and soothe your nervous system. During the workshop we bring you into various detoxifying gentle restorative poses to ease your body into relaxation. Journey through gentle guided meditations and deep breath work to ease your mind. Soothing music plays softly as your body is draped over soft bolsters in gentle sequences, while aromatherapy or gentle oils are used to deepen your senses. As you rest and renew, we will administer hands on touch, thai massage, a reflexology treatment (performed by one of our registered wellness team) and/or acupuncture to maximize the benefit of the restorative postures and induce a therapeutic effect throughout the major organs and structures of the body.
This Thera-Restorative Yoga & Massage workshop will be like a deep yoga nap or spa treatment and is not to be missed! Perfect for a weekend afternoon. Allow yourself to be pampered and leave the studio completely relaxed, centred and blissful!

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Attendance: 1 class
Begin Date: 29-Oct-2023
End Date: 29-Oct-2023
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