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Yoga Exercise Specialist Certification (YES) (20 hours)
The second of a two-part course aimed at preparing the participant to teach Yoga in the fitness and health industry. this is a HATHA YOGA based program. This is also the final course in the 200 hour YTT .
Part II – Yoga Exercise Specialist Certification (20 hours)
Prerequisite: Part I Yoga Exercise Certificate Course, 30 hours of personal practice, 25 hours of practical teaching (these hours are logged independently).
* attend an advanced, hands-on correction workshop
* complete the written and practical exams
* gain a credible certification
CECs available for each; Part I and Part II YES courses:
CAN-FIT-PRO: by petition 4-PTS, FIS, NWS, MBS.
OFC: 12
MFC: 3 Theory, 5 Practical
CEUs available:
CMTO: 6 Category B
CMT: PE/A2 12 for Part I, and 13 for Part II

Membership Terms
Expires After: 2 day(s)
Attendance: 2 classes
Begin Date: 21-Sep-2024
End Date: 23-Sep-2024
Enrollment End Date: 22-Apr-2024
Payment Terms
Price: $372.90
tooltip This membership is set to run on autopay.
All bills will be deducted automatically from the assigned account on the bill due date.

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