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IN STUDIO -Beginner Flow Yoga (Sun)

Beginner Yoga classes are an ongoing series of yoga classes and are designed for those new to yoga, those who have had some basic exposure to yoga, or for the beginner student looking to deepen their practice and become more familiar with a wider variety of yoga poses with more detailed explanations of poses.
Ideal for those new to yoga, those who have less than 1 year of yoga experience, people with injuries, or those seeking a more gentle class. All ages, body types, and levels of fitness are welcome. This includes a private assessment session.
**Preregistration is required – no drop-ins, please register 1 week prior to start date to ensure a spot**

Membership Terms
Contract Length: 4 week(s)
Attendance: 1 class per week
Begin Date: 25-Sep-2022
End Date: 23-Oct-2022
Payment Terms
Price: $169.50

Due Now

First Installment  $150.00
Taxes  $19.50

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